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Permanent Makeup conquering the world of beauty

Permanent Makeup Conquering the World of Beauty

Beauty industry has been growing drastically over the past few years. People are becoming more fascinated in exploring and experimenting new trends. Among all the techniques, permanent makeup is going viral which has already become a million dollar market.

As we move ahead, it becomes very necessary to understand the role of permanent makeup and the reason why many women are going for it.

In this fast world where you want to look refreshing but have less or no time, permanent makeup is your saviour. Whether its eyebrows, pink/red lips, and eyelashes- every treatment offers you perfection that lasts with you for years. Basically, it has changed the view point of every woman.

Out of many- there are three major permanent makeup procedures which are popular among people:

  1. Microblading: This is a painless way to give perfection shape to your eyebrows reducing the efforts to refill them daily. With the help of nano-needle, this technique has been a time-saver for many women who want perfect shape of their eyebrows but have no time. This procedure requires two sittings minimum and are done by experts.
  2. Lip Tinting: Giving the right and desired color to the lips is what lip tinting does. It is another long-lasting cosmetic procedure that is innovative and you can have a flawless pout that lasts for years without the need for touch-ups or maintenance.
  3. Eyelash Extensions: Though it is a very semi-permanent makeup treatment, still it has won many hearts and ladies go for eyelash extensions. It reduces the time to apply mascara to get those long and extended eyelashes and helps in creating the appearance of fuller, darker lashes, giving your eyes a more captivating and alluring look.

However, while these are making lives easier, it also becomes important for the technician to understand the tools, nature of the procedure and other things. We a NIIB, offer detailed Permanent Makeup Course with hands-on practice and international certifications that build the artist in you professional that further beautify people out there!

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