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Ms Pooja Singh is a renowned name in Beauty Industry. She judged various beauty competitions and have 17 years of experience in Technical Education. She has instrumental role in development of challenging and up to date curriculum for New Image Institute. She is the best example of a strong women as she single handedly devoted her time and efforts to impart professional skills to students. Being a social activist she organises and can be spotted in many social programmes

Ms. Pooja Singh

Managing Director & Co Founder

CEO & Co- Founder

Mr. Ishaan Singh is an industry expert who provides leadership guidelines to many individuals and small SME’s. He is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of business, success and satisfaction. With 5 years’ experience of Sales, Expansions and Education, he has expertise to scale up business clubbed with widening horizons of a brand. Through his effort and contribution, he wrote the success stories for many brands from scratch to US Million Dollar Companies. Leaving behind a highly rewarding career as Vice President in Franchise Expansion, Mr. Ishaan Singh, opted to devote his experience at NIIB Institute for its overall growth with the mission to nurture 25,000 students and expand the brand to 100+ branches in next 2 years.

Mr. Ishaan Singh

CEO & Co- Founder

Mr. Ishaan Singh
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